You can't get away with murder...

...but we can!

By immersing you in our light-hearted yet challenging murder mysteries we can help with your team building requirements in a fun, collaborative way


Choose from our Act of Murder, performed in real time and led by our experienced team of characters, or our InterActivity, a murder mystery presented on screen and facilitated by a member of our team

By working together to solve the crime, your team can explore and develop a huge range of skills, unlock the secrets of team collaboration and have great fun playing detective!

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They say that if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life!

The Beginning

Helen formed the idea after attending one too many ‘Murder Mystery in a Box’ parties. They were always great fun, but seemed too complicated; guests spent more time reading through instructions than enjoying themselves which all seemed a little bit wrong. What better than to have all of this performed for you, to take away all of the stress and leave you to enjoy the sleuthing? Thus Charaderie was born.

What on earth does it mean?

Charaderie was formed in 2004, causing many a problem with pronunciation ever since! Here’s a little help; it’s like the classic parlour game Charades but turned into a made up word summing up what we love to do – performance for the puzzlement of others.



The Team

With a background in Theatre Design, a lifelong love of amateur dramatics and a fixation with a good old Whodunnit, Charaderie seemed the perfect combination for Helen. She draws on a trusted, talented and eclectic mix of actors who are all skilled in great characterisation and impressive improvisation skills. Most importantly, they can understand how Helen’s mind works and really get under the skin of the sometimes quirky and obscure plot lines!


Although Charaderie started out ‘Just for Fun’, over the years we have come to realise how useful this type of activity can be in helping with team building, corporate development and improving many vital workplace skills.

We have recently developed our InterActivty, and love to interact with delegates during training days, offering us the opportunity to delve much deeper into the stories, motives and conclusions than during our parties for entertainment.

Take a look at this short video to find out more about our characters and actors