Team Building
shouldn't be a chore

By immersing you in our light-hearted yet challenging murder mysteries we can help with your team building requirements in a fun, collaborative way.

By working together to solve the crime, your team can explore and develop a huge range of skills, unlock the secrets of team collaboration and have great fun playing detective!



Our InterActivity is a murder mystery presented on screen and facilitated by a member of our team. Ideal for teams of up to 20; you'll achieve positive outcomes through collaboration in a relaxed environment.

Act of Murder

Our Act of Murder is performed in real time and led by our experienced team of characters. Ideal for teams of up to 20; you'll achieve positive outcomes through collaboration in a relaxed environment.

Sleuth Room

In a unique take on the original escape room, our Sleuth Room can be set up in any empty meeting room on site, and provides teams with a timed challenge to beat the puzzles and unmask the killer

Or simply for fun...

Murder Mystery Entertainment for parties and events

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Discover how our unique team building events helped this creative design company improve communication and efficiency, ultimately leading to an increased profit margin.

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