In my opinion, there’s not a complicated magic formula to engage teams and encourage them to work collaboratively together, and with this in mind I’m looking to my beloved Jonathan Creek to draw inspiration from this month!

As I’ve been a good girl and brushed up on my marketing skills, I’ve not only written a blog, but a blog plan.  It’s a moveable feast however, as I’d been planning to write this one later on in the year, but was reminded by the obligatory Christmas Special featuring the duffel coated genius.

As simple as pulling a rabbit out of a hat

Jonathan and Maddy – the original and the best…

What’s the appeal?

I adored this programme, it appealed to me right from the very beginning when, in May 1997 I saw the trailer for the classic ‘locked room’ mystery and knew I would have to watch it to find out not just who did it, but more importantly, how.

I must admit I’ve become less of an avid fan recently (and I’m not the only one…) but it was and remains an undeniably successful and popular show, with an average of 8.88 million viewers over 5 series (and Christmas specials) with audience figures peaking when 11.45 million people tuned in to watch ‘Miracle on Crooked Lane’ in 1999.  It’s been consistent too; figures for the most popular episode in the last series in 2014 still hit 8.09 million.

So why do we love it?  Jonathan showcases problem solving to a higher degree but with a lighthearted, tongue in cheek twist. It’s all about the lateral thinking; with a sequence of ever more ridiculous, far fetched and sometimes apparently supernatural events leading us to a seemingly impossible conclusion.

The cogs behind the solution

The show’s appeal lies in these extremes; we watch Jonathan in awe as he makes sense of the overwhelming and confusing surroundings, working his way towards the inevitable conclusion which is always, in essence, very simple.  We want there to be magic, special formulas, complications, but as Jonathan himself says; ‘”People beg me to explain, but it’s the last thing you want to hear. Because I’m disproving a miracle.”’

That’s not to say it’s easy; although at heart they are simple, these solutions almost always involve a complicated system of levers and pullies, tricks and misdirection.  They involve an awful lot of work on the part of the protagonist but it’s all crafted beautifully behind the scenes.

It’s the same with our InterActivity  teambuilding tool.  We’re not magicians, but we can help make sense of the confusion with our simple, fun, effective techniques.  We provide the hard work in the background so that you don’t have to; you just get to enjoy the solution…

Try for yourself

So in conclusion, 8.8 million people (including me) can’t be wrong, can they?  Make the most of the appeal that a murder mystery can bring and put it to good use within your team environment.    Contact us to book your InterActivity today, and channel your inner detective.

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