The Intriguing Case of the InterActive Whodunnit…

The sleepy village of Upton Leftit has been rocked by the news of a recent murder, and we need your team to help solve it!

Our on-screen detective, Hugh Dunnitt, will guide your team through this light-hearted yet strong storyline of murder, blackmail and ghosts from the past.  Facilitated by one of our team, we’ll be on hand to guide you through and achieve positive outcomes through collaboration in a relaxed environment.

Neatly designed in sections to allow for frequent discussions and evaluations, your teams will watch suspect and witness interviews, be granted a look at the crime scene and work together to access extra online clues to help them solve the crime.

Culminating in a dénouement worthy of Poirot himself, they’ll finally discover if their deductions were correct – all of this happens on screen with the help of our ‘real life’ facilitator to guide you through the ‘serious bits’:

Perfect for small and medium sized teams, our InterActivity brings teams together and works on collaboration, acceptance of conflicting work methods, negotiation and communication skills and much more.

Take a quick look below to meet some of the characters…

How does it work?

We provide:

  • A facilitator with the InterActivity
  • All supporting documentation
  • A suitable venue (at extra cost) or we can come to your place of work/venue of choice

If we are visiting your venue of choice you will need to provide:

  • Screen and projection facilities
  • Laptop and Internet access for your delegates