Halloween Themed Murder Mystery

A spot of spooky sleuthing!


In the ghost version of our Halloween themed murder mystery trio, guests are attending the fancy dress party hosted by Gladys Friday to celebrate the launch of her new book ‘Ghostly Secrets’. A group of performers called ‘Raising the Dead’ who specialise in appearing on TV and in lavish stage shows all claim to have some sort of paranormal gift…it comes to light that nobody has actually seen Gladys for the last couple of weeks when she has been threatening to tell all in her new book… but will she turn up in an unexpected form?


In the village of Rippem Offem, the local Doctor, Claude Tabbits, is retiring. As well as meeting to celebrate this event, it is also the culmination of a year long village competition; a slightly eccentric and Halloween obsessed local landowner has pledged £100,000 to the villager who can catch a real live werewolf. There have been rumoured sightings around the area and so tonight is the perfect night to catch one. Claude’s guests greet him happily as they arrive at the party, little knowing that one of their lives is about to be ruined…


A group of eminent archaeologists have come here to view the mummy of Pharaoh Nuff, rumoured to be wearing a cursed bejewelled necklace. The story goes that anyone who touches it dies a horrible death. The challenge is on to see if anyone can remove the necklace safely and take a cut of the profits, helped along by an ancient rhyme which states that the curse of the necklace could only be broken on Halloween…