Sabina Pleasure and Doug Deeply both had a strong motive; Lord Elpus had been blackmailing Sabina after discovering that she’d been selling short measures in her pub, the Dog & Hatchet.   Did she finally crack after he demanded yet another payment of £3000?  Despite the pressure she was under however, she didn’t quite have it in her to commit murder, and was simply planning to ban Lord Elpus’s Wine Tasting group from her pub and hope that he got the message!

Doug had a bit of a soft spot for Sabina, and had been sending anonymous letters to the victim warning him to stay away from her.  However as he was partial to a drink (or two, or three…) he wasn’t capable of actually carrying out the dastardly deed even though he may well have been intent on a drunken murderous revenge!

As most of you discovered, Faye Slift had been having an affair with none other than Will Reader, her soon to be ex husband’s solicitor.    As Will had access to all of Lord Elpus’s personal documents he knew that Faye was still named as the beneficiary in Lord Elpus’s will as his new one was yet to be finalised; he had to act fast!  He slipped some methiocarbs (slug pellets) into his glass of wine to make sure Lord Elpus died before the divorce was finalised, meaning that Faye would still inherit his full fortune.

His plan was to live happily with Faye in wealthy bliss.  She, however, had other ideas, and didn’t quite share Will’s feelings.  She’s already got her eye on a new man and is living the high life; and so it seems poor old Will did it all for nothing…

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