East Ilsley, Berkshire



Goodness, it really is rather hard running your own business isn’t?!

Apparently, it’s ‘National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day’ in the U.S.  Don’t worry America, I had this one totally covered over the recent Easter holidays, no need for me to participate today! This is familiar to anyone who works for themselves and takes on the nigh on […]


The last year of my 30s

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t (and still aren’t quite) sure in what context to write this post.  It’s essentially about a project I worked on in 2012/13 in what was, as the title so succinctly puts it, the Last Year of my 30s.  Simply put, I decided to take a […]


Playing to your strengths

The Man Who Shot Tutankhamun; what a great title for a documentary! Was this some new theory about his death, I thought?  (It was late and I’d had a long day, in my defence) but no, it turned out to be a fascinating programme presented by the wonderful Margaret Mountford […]