East Ilsley, Berkshire



Miss Scarlet with the lead piping…

We all love Cluedo, right?  Well put it this way – I was far more likely to persuade the rest of my family to play this with me than the dreaded Monopoly, and as a budding sleuth I was always delighted when they agreed to investigate with me.  Playing games […]


How can Agatha Christie help your workplace skills?

I love quizzes, and whenever I get the chance to join in with one I always like to gather a trusted team together, whom we have named Agatha Quizteam – a tenuous link to the queen of crime herself but nonetheless I like to think it brings us some luck […]


Murder in the Dark

I’ve often been heard to announce that I ‘love a good murder’, sometimes to strange looks from people who don’t know me well.  It’s a question I’ve been thinking about a lot recently; where did this lifelong interest in all things murderous begin?  Does it stem from the games of […]


A Simple Solution in a Complicated World

In my opinion, there’s not a complicated magic formula to engage teams and encourage them to work collaboratively together, and with this in mind I’m looking to my beloved Jonathan Creek to draw inspiration from this month! As I’ve been a good girl and brushed up on my marketing skills, […]


The Five Find Outers and Dog

Five is the magic number Many hundreds of children will have spent hours of escapist fun immersing themselves in Enid Blyton’s classic children’s adventure books.  Perhaps the most well known would be her Famous Five series, first published in 1942 and featuring the intrepid Julian, Dick, Anne, their tomboy cousin […]


Tintin the Reporter

I’ve never really wanted a tattoo but I discovered (in vino veritas) that if I were to take the plunge then my design of choice would involve a certain Belgian detective (no, not that other, mustachioed one) and his faithful dog, Snowy. I’m talking of course about Tintin the Reporter, […]