East Ilsley, Berkshire



What’s in a Name?

Now I’m not claiming to be the next Eddie Izzard (although that would be great, wouldn’t it?!) but one of the most important things affecting my well-being is the ability to laugh, and to make others laugh. We know all the scientific stuff about releasing feel-good chemicals, and we know […]


Spotlight on….Grace Quirrel

Last month we met the walking cliche Lord Harry Stockressy and discovered how important his characteristics can be in engaging our super sleuth audiences.  The same can also be said when we deliberately mislead our guests in the the physical appearance of our characters, keeping our detectives on their toes […]


Spotlight on… Lord Harry Stockressy

One of the things we love most here at Charaderie is our fantastic, secretive, manipulative and ridiculous cast of murder mystery characters whom we introduce to our guests on a regular basis.  In the first of our ‘Spotlight’ posts we’ll be revealing how important our mysterious suspects are in creating […]