Team Building shouldn't be a chore

By immersing you in our light-hearted yet challenging murder mysteries we can help with your team building requirements in a fun, collaborative way. By working together to solve the crime, your team can explore and develop a huge range of skills, unlock the secrets of team collaboration and have great fun playing detective! Choose from:


Our InterActivity, a murder mystery presented on screen and facilitated by a member of our team. Ideal for teams of up to 20; you'll achieve positive outcomes through collaboration in a relaxed environment.

Act of Murder

Our Act of Murder, performed in real time and led by our experienced team of characters. Ideal for teams of up to 20; you'll achieve positive outcomes through collaboration in a relaxed environment.

Act of Murder 20+

For larger teams, focus on rewarding your delegates with a shift away from their usual work environment. Allow your delegates to enjoy time together, whilst still focusing on effective interaction, communication and bonding

Or simply for fun...

Murder Mystery Entertainment for parties and events

Don't just take our word for it...

Scene2 Ltd

Scene2 Ltd

Business Owner

“(the InterActivity) gave us a morning full of interactive fun and relaxed entertainment with a competitive, cognitive twist The perfect ice-breaker ahead of an afternoon of strategic planning.”

Cherrymead Surgery, Bucks

Cherrymead Surgery, Bucks

General Practice

“Best team-building activity I’ve ever done” said one member of the team “ Can we do this every training session?” asked another.

PIP Croydon

PIP Croydon


"A really enjoyable session. A fun way to look at our strengths and weaknesses both individually and as a team - thank you!"


Cluedo, Agatha Christie, Jonathan Creek and Murder in the Dark - our thoughts on these and more!

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A Murder to Die For

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Winner Winner!

Winning is very exciting (especially if, like me, you’re not hugely competitive and therefore it doesn’t happen very often).  It might be a game of Cluedo or the Egg & Spoon race at the school Read more…

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